Hanlon Uafás-Álainn (formerly McGregor) here, a trans/queer/poly man (pronouns he/they) and parent of two human children and two fur children. Originally from NS (see ocean image above!)

Playwright / Producer / Writer / Actor / Director / Choreographer / Songwriter for stage and screen. I make art as activism to lift the voices and tell the stories of trans and queer people, women, disabled folx, indigenous, black, brown people and generally most peopoe who have been othered in our culture. That sounds so serious! I try to take the work seriously, but not myself. 🙂

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Here is the review in Exclaim of The Change music video
we created for acclaimed music artist Rich Aucoin;
The magical phoenix (played by Thorne Brown)
visits to help a younger me as Rich sings:

Stop you can’t help it’s changing
Why do you want control?
It’s running with and without you
It’s moving in and around you
There’s nothing you can hold onto
‘Cause the change is in you
When you let go to it all

Community One Article about Unexpectedly Trans in Halifax.

Review of Bubble Trans Pride in the Coast at Halifax Fringe 2018

Bubble Trans Pride was funded by the Ontario Arts Council


Review of Unexpectedly Trans in the Coast – Fringe 2017

Unexpectedly Trans was funded in part
by Community One Foundation


Selected articles and reviews